Salima and Andreas from United Kingdom did the Ruta Maya Tour in Feb. 2024: ``Thank you for a great and enjoyable trip. Thanks for your guidance and patience througout. It was a blast, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing Guatemala and what it had to offer, as well as the brief dip in and out of Belize. Thank you for taking us all the way to the Caribbean Sea. The Mayan sites were spectacular, as was the scenery throughout! Thank you for a great introduction to Central America.``
Salima Slimani and Andreas Ruhrman , United Kigdom
Salima and AndreasMaya Tour
Mark Kolody from Toronto / Canada , joined the Ruta Maya Tour : ``I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed the experience - it really was wonderful and, although different from my expectations, definitely exceeded them. You and Matthias are excellent guides and companions.``
Mark Kolody , Canada
Mark KolodyMaya Tour
Adam Lempel, New Hampshire , USA send a quick note telling us that he and his friends had a great time : `` you both ( Matthias and Paul ) were professional and knowledgeable and ran an exellent tour. Great fun to party with you as well..... The time spent on Roatan was an exellent way to end the tour, highly recommended ... and feel free to give my e-adress to anyone requiring a referal for your company.``
Adam LempelCaribbean Tour
The Honduras tour went great! The accommodations and food suited us fine-especially the last nights dinner.
Safety was never a concern. Everyone was friendly.
The best endorsement is that we are looking to book with you again.
Jim Andy and Barry
James HeepsCaribbean Tour
Cameron Shaw, from New Zealand toured Central America with his friends for 20 days and wrote the following : ``The bikes were great, absolutely no doubt about it, they are all very well maintained and perfectly suitable for the riding and the roads we travelled. The accommodation was all clean and tidy as I expected. Overall, I thought you both ( Matthias and Paul ) have a very good understanding of the area and thoroughly understood where to go and what to see the whole 20 days. An excellent well planned and seamlessly delivered tour, thanks very much.``
Cameron ShawCentral America Tour
Tony Friday and his friends from Australia rented our bikes and guide for a 17 days guided tour through Central America. Here is their report : ``Some acknowledgments are in order for making this such a wonderful trip. Principal amongst these is Matthias from Maya Moto Tours, whose encyclopedic knowledge of the region tools us well off the beaten track and really immersed us in the local environment. He has become much more ‘mate’ than ‘guide’, and we will definitely stay in touch.``
Tony Friday Bike rental
David Brown and his friends from the United Kingdom , toured the Ruta Maya: ``everything about the trip lived up to our expectations. The bikes were in very good condition, and ideal for the terrain. The hotels were in general very good with great locations etc. The Ruta Maya itinerary is a great combination of volcanoes/mountains, lakes, rain forest, on and off-road riding as well as fabulous sites - Mayan ruins as well as old Spanish colonial towns, colourful local markets etc. A very enjoyable and memorable trip.``
David BrownMaya Tour
Pavel Shafranovsky and his friends from Moscow , Russia, were surprised on their Maya Tour about life in Central America : `` Before the trip we heard only about natural disasters or local conflicts in these part of the world. Very peaceful, cheerful people are living there. Natural and very tasty food. Very nice combination of nature, culture and motorcycle riding. ``
Pavel ShafranovskyMaya Tour